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Thanks for stopping by and hope you have fun browsing through things. Im not going to write about anything in particular and I dont promise to be politically correct. Though I sit at a desk and type for work I dont even promise a lack of typos but we can all hope I get that part right...

What I do promise is to just share my life. Interesting or not you will get to read all about it and maybe find something to laugh at or maybe some of my misfortune at times will make you feel better about a bad time you are going through...

What I hope to get out of this is just an account of my life so that when I am 80, gray and maybe finally getting married I wont forget everything that has happened to me.

Im getting forward to reading your comments and thoughts on what I have to say so dont be shy I promise I dont bite, well, not to hard anyway...

Undermedicated Mama

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve and my lapse of common sense...

First let me say Merry late Christmas to everyone I know its been a bit since I was in here to tell you all of my fun little life but I have been busy you know working, Christmas and that pesky thing called being lazy and catching up on much needed rest...

Anyway I was sitting here wondering what to do for New Years Eve. A great friend of mine is throwing a party with his girlfriend (I think she gets that title after all this time but I should maybe verify it bcuz last time I called her that I got 'the look' though this was back in June) and I could have most certainly gone to that. I actually wanted to as am sure it was going to be a GREAT time with friends that seem like family but due to reasons I rather not get into here I realized that probably wasnt the best idea not to mention my little guy didnt have any plans of his own and I didnt want him sitting home alone on NYE I have done that enough times to know its not fun and though he is only 12 he shouldnt have to do that either. Lets save that for when hes older and his girfriend breaks his heart right around the holidays right?

So anyway I am trying to think of things we can do for the 3 of us and this light bulb starts flashing that says lets go snow tubing! I figured call a couple other families that might want to bring their kids and head off to the slopes. GREAT idea its pretty cheap, one of the other families wants to go and it will be a good family night of fun right?

WRONG!! Did someone forget to tell me that even though I live in great ole Minnesota I dont have winter boots or any winter fun wear for this sort of activity not to mention I HATE the cold and the snow? SUPER but to late plans are made and things are set in motion and of course my little man is excited as ever to go... So I had to call around and get piece after piece of warm winter attire but I think I am set to go and put a smile on my face as I hit the slopes. Nothing better than freezing your bum off while holding a rope that pulls you and your tube up a hill just so you can slide down it right?

Wish me luck and good vibes that my appendages or important parts dont freeze off or better yet that I dont break anything as I am sure I am getting to old to be doing this sort of thing anyway.

What are your plans for NYE and what is your most memorable NYE as a kid???

Undermedicated Mama

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100 things you might not know...

In going with todays quote...

To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

I figured why not let you all get to know a bit about me and bare my sole or quirkiness... I stole this idea of 100 things from my friend over at Not So Domesticated... You can find her blog here... http://www.sonotdomestic.com/

1. I hate socks on in the house no matter the season
2. I have an addiction to reality tv
3. I watch tv shows that are geared toward teenagers its my way of not letting go of my teenageism(Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill)
4. I want to save people and help them all the time
5. I love my friends more than they realize
6. I keep my true friends very close to my heart and would go to the end of the world for them
7. If you piss me off, I will forgive you but I wont forget
8. Once I cut myself off from someone for good thats the end of it and no turning back
9. There are people I miss from my past that I cant seem to forget and dont want to
10. I am not as strong as I portray myself to be
11. I am not as weak as some would like me to be
12. I LOVE being a single mom the joys surely outweigh the headaches
13. My son saved my life more than anyone will ever understand
14. I want to get married before I am 80
15. I love to cook
16. I want to have more gatherings in my home
17. I miss my carefree days of going out every weekend and not remembering how I got home
18. I sometimes hate being the responsible one and wonder when its my turn to 'cut loose'
19. I dont like to dance at the clubs
20. Though I LOVE my boyfriend I miss having my guy friends
21. I wish I was closer to my mom
22. My parents are amazing
23. I wish I would have gone to college
24. I love my 'pink sisters'
25. After the back labor giving birth wasnt as bad as they say
26. I want more children
27. I want a week where life is mine and I have nothing and noone to be responsible for
28. I want to travel
29. Fiji is my dream vacation
30. I LOVE my babies from other ladies
31. I relate better to men than women
32. I can disassociate sex and love though I am not sure if that is good or bad
33. I can or used to be able to 'play the game' better than any man I know
34. I am not that person anymore
35. I have made mistakes, learned some lessons but I have no regrets
36. I have had my mug shot taken and it was embarrassing
37. I have puked in a car after drinking to much
38. I love to read before going to sleep
39. I have a secret crush on Bam Margera ... its the tattoos I SWEAR
40. I am happy Britney Spears got herself together
41. I see my teachers from highschool out at the bars and it makes me giggle and brings me back to being a teenager
42. I love seeing through the eyes of my child
43. I love taking pictures
44. I am crafty when I have the time to be
45. I would give my last dollar to a friend if they needed it even if I couldnt afford to
46. I had a fabulous childhood
47. I have had my heart broken and not sure it will ever fully heal
48. I think Spam is disgusting
49. Food for me is all about texture
50. I like pickles and peanut butter
51. I read the Twilight series in 2 weeks and was not impressed with the movie
52. I dont retain movie titles ... I can walk out of the theater and forget the name of the movie
53. I like bubble gum pop music
54. Parts of me will never grow up and I dont want them to
55. I love watching my friends play softball in the summer
56. I want my 25 yr old body back
57. Dark nail polish makes me giddy
58. I always have lipgloss
59. I hate my eyebrows
60. Family means the world to me
61. I have a love hate relationship with my job
62. I hate grocery shopping
63. I want to learn to bake
64. I love doing laundry but hate putting it away
65. Dusting is evil
66. I LOVE ink pens any color any size
67. I still love to color with crayons and markers
68. Playing board games with my son is a perfect night in
69. I like cuddling on the couch
70. I was supposed to date my current boyfriend in highschool but the timing was off
71. I still have close friends from highschool that I cant live without
72. My brother is amazing when he wants to be
73. My nephew has an amazing heart
74. My boyfriend completes me
75. I miss my grandma and wish she would get better
76. I miss my family up north
77. My moms food is better than anyone else's
78. I love the smell of babies
79. Puppy breathe makes me melt
80. I love purses but I wont spend much money on them as I get bored to easily
81. I want a cabin and a boat to go to for the weekends
82. I once called Joey Fatone's (of Nsync) cell phone
83. I love playing in the rain
84. I was a snot when I was younger
85. I hope that anyone I have ever hurt knows that I am not that person anymore
86. I believe everything happens for a reason and how it is meant to whether we like it or understand it or not
87. I hate uncertainty
88. I was on the diving team
89. I am sarcastic more often than not
90. I love the beach
91. Swimming energizes me
92. I love spa days with the girls
93. We dont have enough girl days
94. I love scented candles and oils
95. I love my neighbor for handling the yard work and the snow
96. My wedding will be HUGE because I more than deserve it
97. I hate driving in the snow
98. I hate shopping
99. I love hoodies
100. I can fix things around the house

Ok that wasnt as easy as I thought it was going to be and its pretty random though I dont think I repeated anything... tell me a few of your quirks or things that make you smile...

What are you doing today?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I need someone to 'Kick it With'

Todays quote of the day is hitting home...

Kindnesses are easily forgotten; but injuries!—what worthy man does not keep those in mind?

So my ego was bruised and tarnished this weekend let me just tell you! This weekend we had a bball tourny for my son. I coordinated the volunteers as is my duty as almighty powerful mom that can live on 2-3 hours of sleep a day. Here is how the story goes and its probably longer than it needs to be...

Friday night go to bed about 1am
Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for the day. Out the door and on time to the highschool for 7:20 (Hey 7 or 7:20 I count it as still on time)... Anyway I actually took the time to get ready did my hair, make up, put on real shoes, all of the girlie things that one should do when dealing with the public for the day. By 9am I had enough of 'being a girl' and my hair was pulled up off my neck. The day was going fine we ran out of food and for some reason I was the kind woman (or maybe moronic mom) to volunteer to go to the store get 12#s of hamburger and the fixin's for sloppy joes. Well that went well. 2 frying pans on the stove, 1 electric frying pan and manwich sauce splattered all over me and Im ready to head back... Change the clothes into a hoodie and some flip flops (dont start gasping I KNOW there is snow on the ground but I hate socks and shoes) back at the school I am for the remainder of 6 hours...

About 4 hours into it I decide I need a break so I step outside to take a little walk and call my son who ditched out on me about noon! I get outside and this guy comes up to me while I am on the phone asking 'do you have a light'... Ok first of all you just watched me light my own so you KNOW I have a light but whatever hand it over to him and that was the end of my 'quiet time' out on the curb to 'get away' from the madness'...

The conversation went a little something like this... the parts in ( ) are my thoughts and not what I actually said cuz Im not a rude person, well not all the time...

Dude: So you from around here?

Me: Yep Im from around here (Umm moron you surely saw me when you paid to get in to the tourny working so obviously I dont just drive in to serve some food at random highschools)

Dude: I just moved here from Mississippi

Me: That must suck to move now with all the snow

Dude: Yeah. So are you married?

Me: haha no (dumb woman why did you not just say yes???)

Dude: Oh you have a boyfriend

Me: (SAVED) yes I do

Dude: Yeah Im just looking for some friends

Me: Well good luck with that Im sure if you hit the clubs in Minneapolis you will find tons of girls that want to be your friend and there is a club right down the hill there that you might like.

Dude: Thats cool maybe you can show me where it is later how old are you late 30s maybe?

Me: haha no

Dude: oh 40?

Me: You know I understand I have been up since 5 and Im looking a hot mess at the moment but I am 33 thank you (Is this the guys idea of a pick up line I mean really if I even looked 40 he should at least shoot 10yrs younger right... then I thought well no hes just making convo so no need for him to try to be Rico Suave)

Dude: Oh Im sorry my fault Im 24 I was just well Im looking for someone to chill with you know kick it with (What the... Seriously did he just say that? I mean maybe in MS things are different but here well you dont make that insinuation after you just tell a woman she looks way older than she is)

Me: Well good luck with that I better get back inside Im not in the practice of kicking it with anyone much less a 24 yr old boy that thinks Im 40.

Dude: ok it was great talking with you maybe we will see each other around

Me: Sure but not guessing that will happen


Ok now not that I am saying there is anything wrong with being 40 (I will be there soon enough) but when you are only 33 and some fella with his bum hanging out his pants tries 'getting to know you over a smoke' out in the snow and screws it up with the age thing first why keep trying? Not trying to meet my future hubby on a curb puffin a heater when I smell like taco meat and look like I havent slept for a week with his pants around his ankles. Now had it been the hottie referree we were all oogling over well this might have ended up different... Sorry boyfriend but you were gone for the day haha

SOMEONE get me the medication PLEASE!!!

So tell me have you ever had your ego bruised or injured??