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Undermedicated Mama

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve and my lapse of common sense...

First let me say Merry late Christmas to everyone I know its been a bit since I was in here to tell you all of my fun little life but I have been busy you know working, Christmas and that pesky thing called being lazy and catching up on much needed rest...

Anyway I was sitting here wondering what to do for New Years Eve. A great friend of mine is throwing a party with his girlfriend (I think she gets that title after all this time but I should maybe verify it bcuz last time I called her that I got 'the look' though this was back in June) and I could have most certainly gone to that. I actually wanted to as am sure it was going to be a GREAT time with friends that seem like family but due to reasons I rather not get into here I realized that probably wasnt the best idea not to mention my little guy didnt have any plans of his own and I didnt want him sitting home alone on NYE I have done that enough times to know its not fun and though he is only 12 he shouldnt have to do that either. Lets save that for when hes older and his girfriend breaks his heart right around the holidays right?

So anyway I am trying to think of things we can do for the 3 of us and this light bulb starts flashing that says lets go snow tubing! I figured call a couple other families that might want to bring their kids and head off to the slopes. GREAT idea its pretty cheap, one of the other families wants to go and it will be a good family night of fun right?

WRONG!! Did someone forget to tell me that even though I live in great ole Minnesota I dont have winter boots or any winter fun wear for this sort of activity not to mention I HATE the cold and the snow? SUPER but to late plans are made and things are set in motion and of course my little man is excited as ever to go... So I had to call around and get piece after piece of warm winter attire but I think I am set to go and put a smile on my face as I hit the slopes. Nothing better than freezing your bum off while holding a rope that pulls you and your tube up a hill just so you can slide down it right?

Wish me luck and good vibes that my appendages or important parts dont freeze off or better yet that I dont break anything as I am sure I am getting to old to be doing this sort of thing anyway.

What are your plans for NYE and what is your most memorable NYE as a kid???

Undermedicated Mama


  1. I don't have any very memorable New Year's Eve's. When I was a kid, our family didn't do anything. The hubby and I usually just have dinner with friends but won't be doing that this year either because we have so much work to do. Fun, aren't we? LOL Have fun snow tubing!

  2. Bit of advice, layers! Couple pair of socks, long underwear and no exposed skin. Here is the best bit of advice, go to Home Depot and ask for those little hand heaters by the check out lane. They are a little bigger than a tea bag and they heat up when pulled out of wrapper. You can put them in your boots and gloves. You'll be thanking me later, especially when it's -9 right now. And by the way, yes she is considered my girlfriend ;-)

  3. Sorry to hear you wont be enjoying the festivities but hopefully you at least got a little somethin-somethin in the process of it striking midnight ;P

    Jeff I wish I would have thought of those warmer things for the little man his toes were freezing though had he put on the socks I told him to instead of outright ignoring me his feet would have been fine so I only feel so bad for him... I wasnt to cold at all except the lower half of my face waiting at the top of the hill for the near 10 minutes between each ride down the hill it was CRAZY busy!!
    *Side note thanks for clearing that up and GLAD to here it ... I actually like the girl
    **Double side note did you just say TEA BAG cuz well that brings back some funny stories and memories in my head... not with me involved of course but I can picture this one time...