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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I need someone to 'Kick it With'

Todays quote of the day is hitting home...

Kindnesses are easily forgotten; but injuries!—what worthy man does not keep those in mind?

So my ego was bruised and tarnished this weekend let me just tell you! This weekend we had a bball tourny for my son. I coordinated the volunteers as is my duty as almighty powerful mom that can live on 2-3 hours of sleep a day. Here is how the story goes and its probably longer than it needs to be...

Friday night go to bed about 1am
Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for the day. Out the door and on time to the highschool for 7:20 (Hey 7 or 7:20 I count it as still on time)... Anyway I actually took the time to get ready did my hair, make up, put on real shoes, all of the girlie things that one should do when dealing with the public for the day. By 9am I had enough of 'being a girl' and my hair was pulled up off my neck. The day was going fine we ran out of food and for some reason I was the kind woman (or maybe moronic mom) to volunteer to go to the store get 12#s of hamburger and the fixin's for sloppy joes. Well that went well. 2 frying pans on the stove, 1 electric frying pan and manwich sauce splattered all over me and Im ready to head back... Change the clothes into a hoodie and some flip flops (dont start gasping I KNOW there is snow on the ground but I hate socks and shoes) back at the school I am for the remainder of 6 hours...

About 4 hours into it I decide I need a break so I step outside to take a little walk and call my son who ditched out on me about noon! I get outside and this guy comes up to me while I am on the phone asking 'do you have a light'... Ok first of all you just watched me light my own so you KNOW I have a light but whatever hand it over to him and that was the end of my 'quiet time' out on the curb to 'get away' from the madness'...

The conversation went a little something like this... the parts in ( ) are my thoughts and not what I actually said cuz Im not a rude person, well not all the time...

Dude: So you from around here?

Me: Yep Im from around here (Umm moron you surely saw me when you paid to get in to the tourny working so obviously I dont just drive in to serve some food at random highschools)

Dude: I just moved here from Mississippi

Me: That must suck to move now with all the snow

Dude: Yeah. So are you married?

Me: haha no (dumb woman why did you not just say yes???)

Dude: Oh you have a boyfriend

Me: (SAVED) yes I do

Dude: Yeah Im just looking for some friends

Me: Well good luck with that Im sure if you hit the clubs in Minneapolis you will find tons of girls that want to be your friend and there is a club right down the hill there that you might like.

Dude: Thats cool maybe you can show me where it is later how old are you late 30s maybe?

Me: haha no

Dude: oh 40?

Me: You know I understand I have been up since 5 and Im looking a hot mess at the moment but I am 33 thank you (Is this the guys idea of a pick up line I mean really if I even looked 40 he should at least shoot 10yrs younger right... then I thought well no hes just making convo so no need for him to try to be Rico Suave)

Dude: Oh Im sorry my fault Im 24 I was just well Im looking for someone to chill with you know kick it with (What the... Seriously did he just say that? I mean maybe in MS things are different but here well you dont make that insinuation after you just tell a woman she looks way older than she is)

Me: Well good luck with that I better get back inside Im not in the practice of kicking it with anyone much less a 24 yr old boy that thinks Im 40.

Dude: ok it was great talking with you maybe we will see each other around

Me: Sure but not guessing that will happen


Ok now not that I am saying there is anything wrong with being 40 (I will be there soon enough) but when you are only 33 and some fella with his bum hanging out his pants tries 'getting to know you over a smoke' out in the snow and screws it up with the age thing first why keep trying? Not trying to meet my future hubby on a curb puffin a heater when I smell like taco meat and look like I havent slept for a week with his pants around his ankles. Now had it been the hottie referree we were all oogling over well this might have ended up different... Sorry boyfriend but you were gone for the day haha

SOMEONE get me the medication PLEASE!!!

So tell me have you ever had your ego bruised or injured??


  1. Too funny that he kept trying after he fell flat on his face with the age thing. My problem is people tend to think I'm way too young. I still get carded when I buy R rated movies and I'm nearly 27. :-(

    So Not Domestic

  2. Maybe I shoulda helped him out. You know pull up his pants so they are where they are meant to be and then explained the art of 'macking on a chic'?
    Its clear he needs the help

    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. No no no!! No need for ego deflation there - I bet him and his buddies were trying to find the oldest hottest milfs they could find so he was hoping that you were 40ish or above. Yeah, that sounds good. So you defeated his little game by "only" being a measly 33yrs old. lol So rock on (cause your a rockstar!!) with your 33yr old self and know that EVERYONE wants to kick it with you. :)

  4. hehe Lisa, some guys are relentless! It sounds like you gave him what he deserved.

  5. That's awesome! I can see it now, heater in your mouth and you walk up to him face to face, get about 6 inches from him, still with heater in your mouth, you reach both hands around his waist and pull up his pants nice and good where they should be, tighten his belt up a little like you would a little child, turn him around and pat him on the butt and send him on his merry way and tell him "now, why don't you go outside and kick it with your little play friends", I can visualize now LOL!!!!

  6. hmm...it sounds like this one rode the short bus to school. I bet he is still wondering why he doesn't get laid.

  7. hey dont feel bad i am getting just as bad the other way, what are you 18 no mam im 25 oh well hell you all look like kids to me

  8. OMG too funny, sorry to giggle at your expense. Its nothing like being 25 walking into a clinic for some blood work with your husband ( I was preggers at the time) and having them ask you what your HUSBAND was there for. This was a place that normally catered to children so they thought I was his MOTHER. uggh, defo not the sort of experience you want when you are pregnant!

  9. I died laughing at this, I can't stop giggling. If it were me, I would have told him all this. Or taken the 'heater' out of his mouth and put it out and said 'dont you know smoking is bad for you? i'm only 33 but apparently i look 40. must be smoking.' and walked away.