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Undermedicated Mama

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy few weeks ahead!

So I have been on the job hunt recently and my goodness how frustrating. Seems for every open position there are 100+ applicants so getting your face in front of the potential new boss is hard to come by. I think one of the things that was getting my resume tossed aside was the fact that I have worked from home for the past 4+ years...

In the past any job I have ever interviewed for that I actually wanted I have been offered and this was just very frustrating to know I can do the job that is listed and not even get a call back. That all changed a few weeks ago...

In one week I had 2 interviews both for jobs that I wanted to get. Both part time and able to work around each other as well as my at home work.

That being said I went to interview number 1 and new right away that the decision was going to come down to personality. There were 3 of us that were in the running and the fact that I had them laughing the entire time and just having a good time with things made me feel VERY confident. I got the call that afternoon that the job was mine! YAY ME!! Its a job at the school which is a 5 min walk to my house (and that is if I walk slow) I of course took the job. The pay is amazing and the hours are only 3 a day and I get my summers off as well as all the random days through the year including a Christmas break and Spring break, who can beat that plan. Not to mention it gets my foot in the door in the case that something else might come up. I started there last week and I LOVE IT!! Its been a challenge as we have had someone out sick 3 of the 7 days I have been working there so far, so being short staffed in the kitchen is hard work but so worth it. The ladies I work with are GREAT and I cant see myself leaving there for quite a long time!

The second interview I had came in 2 parts. First I met with the owner and the interview went REALLY well. He told me he was interviewing about 12 ppl and would know by the following day if he wanted me back for a 2nd interview with the office manager. I got the call and went in for the 2nd interview which again went well and once again it was between myself and 2 other people. I thought I was going to get the job but as soon as I told them my hours at the school the vibe changed a bit and I though CRAP I just blew it. This is a part time job as well only 4 hours a day I figured we could sort something out but I got the call that afternoon that they went with someone else but if in the case that person didnt work out would I like them to keep my resume on file to which I said ... of course...

That brings me to yesterday. I get a call from a number I dont know and as always let the call go to VM cuz Im not trying to talk to anyone I dont know. Come to find out it was the office manager at that company saying that the other person didnt work out and would I be willing to take the position? We worked out the hours for the time being and all is well with the world. I start on Wednesday.

Needless to say between 3 jobs and working about 80 hours a week on top of mom duty, baseball games and keeping the house clean I wont be getting much sleep in long doses but I will take what I can get and I feel this is finally the weight of the world easing off my shoulders! It will be a crazy couple of weeks til school is out but in the end I think its going to be everything I have been hoping for over the last year!

There is something to say with not giving up hope and good things come to those who wait...

What is your world looking like? Do you love your job? Are you looking for a new one?



  1. I'm so happy you got those jobs. I know you've been feeling restless. :)

  2. WOW well done
    I had two jobs for awhile doing 80 hours plus a week. I did it for like 4 years and it is really fun if you like them all. You just get that ole superwoman vibe going !! Congrats