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What I hope to get out of this is just an account of my life so that when I am 80, gray and maybe finally getting married I wont forget everything that has happened to me.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Checkin In...

Hey everyone...

I havent blogged in a bit and I have been a busy lady! My son is playing travelling basketball again this year which is great but with junior high comes school sports as well so now not only is he playing travelling ball which consists of practices on Monday and Thursday nights as well as about 2 tournaments a month (this takes up 2 full weekends), he is also at practice 5 days a week immediately after school. He practices til 5pm every night and has games 2 days a week. He loves bball but I have to say it is leaving me totally exhausted. I feel like I am constantly on the go from the minute he gets home. From dinner to homework to practice at nights its all beginning to be a bit much. I knew it would be a busy season but I wasnt expecting all of this and now we are struggling with the task of deciding if he wants to do all of this for baseball as well. He will play school baseball but he isnt sure if he wants to play travelling. Of course it is up to him and what he wants to do and I am sure in the end he will be doing both. That just means I dont get an adult life again til school is out in June and we are down to just finishing out the travelling baseball season. That is what having kids is about though right? I love it more than anything the bit about being a mom I just wish I had more time to enjoy the life that we have instead of feeling worn out non stop.

I am working tons and am thinking of switching up my hours maybe working during the day when normal ppl work so that I am not waking up and having all the chaos of life coming at me as my eyes open. That might help but Im not sure only time will tell.

Anyway, aside from my gripes I did get this last weekend off to relax and do NOTHING! It was GREAT. Little man was up north ice fishing with my dad and family and I stayed home. I slept, I rested, I went shopping with the boyfriend for house stuff for the place he just bought. That was interesting and I realized that for the first time in 12 years we shopped! Not just shopped for random things but stuff for his house. The house he is hopefully going to sell come summer but his house none the less...

So all in all, though my life is crazy busy, I dont sleep much and I relax even less life is GREAT. We are healthy, my son is happy, my bf hasnt irritated me this week and when I look around I realize things could be tons worse...

So when times are crazy and life seems a bit nuts look at your kids, look at your partner and realize life could be a million times worse than it is...

Happiness and Love to you all


  1. Thats a great attitude, no matter how life is i always try to remember it could be worse


    Love reading the blog, and I have nominated you for an award!
    Stop by my blog to pick it up.