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Thanks for stopping by and hope you have fun browsing through things. Im not going to write about anything in particular and I dont promise to be politically correct. Though I sit at a desk and type for work I dont even promise a lack of typos but we can all hope I get that part right...

What I do promise is to just share my life. Interesting or not you will get to read all about it and maybe find something to laugh at or maybe some of my misfortune at times will make you feel better about a bad time you are going through...

What I hope to get out of this is just an account of my life so that when I am 80, gray and maybe finally getting married I wont forget everything that has happened to me.

Im getting forward to reading your comments and thoughts on what I have to say so dont be shy I promise I dont bite, well, not to hard anyway...

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random thoughts


You know I told myself the start of the year that I WANTED to blog EVERY day but I would vow to do it at least once a week and guess what? Just one month into 2009 and already am falling WAY behind!! So today you get a list of things that I keep saying I want to share then forget when I actually open this up and wonder what to write about. So in no particular order here we go and I might add to this list later on...

1. Reality TV ~ done
2. Basketball
3. Baseball
4. Friends
5. 2009 Goals
6. Working from home
7. Love
8. Parenting
9. Family
10. Parents who shouldnt be

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