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Undermedicated Mama

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am blessed...

I have the most amazing little man ever! I know every parent says that most of the time right? Lucky for me its actually true. He is such a trooper at times it amazes me...

See today was a long day and by the time I went to sleep this afternoon I had been up for more than 27 hours straight. Now he didnt really know any of that. He knew I had to go out and see a friend this morning but he didnt put the times together. So instead of like most children who come home from school needing this that and the next thing he told me he was home and instead of keeping on at me to get up (I clearly was darn near comotose) he just proceeded to do his homework, make himself something to eat for dinner and then wait until 7pm to ASK me if I wanted to get up yet. Now of course I feel like an AWFUL parent for having him sort himself and everything out including dinner on his own as this isnt something that happens ever! Im a very hands on mom he cant usually breathe wrong without me knowing about it but today he really showed me that he is growing up and can take care of himself if he needs to.

Why was I up for so many hours you ask? A very dear friend of mine had a major surgery today. I know I know, its a routine one day in and out surgery that lasts an entire 2 hours but it is surgery nonetheless and anything can go wrong. She had her wonderful hubby there for her of course and I didnt HAVE to go but I wanted to be there. What if something didnt go right? What if paperwork got shuffled about and instead of having the procedure she went in for she came out with a third eye or something (Hey I have seen it happen on tv lol) but seriously other than needing to sleep I had no reason to NOT be there not to mention though I wouldnt admit it to her I was nervous for her and her hubby as well so I went. Surgery was meant to be at 6.30 so I thought well I will get little man out the door at 7 for school then get myself there by 7.30 sit with her hubby for an hour and wait take a quick look at her and make sure there wasnt a 3rd eye roaming about and be on my way home no later than 11. RIGHT!! I got there about 8 and was thankful that she hadnt been taken to pre-op yet so that I could see her. (This also made her mom happy as I could give her the card from her parents as well as bless her little melon with some holy water before she went in) Now that being said it didnt hit me til after that ... CRAP this is going to take longer than I had anticipated. Oh well shes worth the lack of sleep right? So she is taken back, her hubby and I go get some breakfast (thanks again for feeding me by the way) Nothing better than some runny eggs over heat lamped bacon and cold french toast but hey I was starving and it filled me up. Then it was all a waiting game. She was in pre op by 8.57am and hit post op at 11.07 talk about GREAT timing. Her doctor came out to tell us she was fine and everything went well gave us some pics to look at of what was done. I could have left but I really still wanted to check for that 3rd eye. So I sat and waited and waited and waited I just knew that the minute I left was going to be when they were going to let us back in but by 12.25 I could no longer stay awake. I knew I had about a 20 min drive ahead of me not to mention the chic in the waiting room with her 4 children under the age of 5 that she had no patience for (thats another blog) and I went home... Of course 20 minutes after I left is when the hubby was able to see her but that is just my luck. She is at home and she is resting and doing fine. I know she is in great hands and I will be seeing her Tuesday afternoon. I did call tonight to get an update from another friend that is staying with her tonight and all day tomorrow and I am glad she is blessed to have so many loving people in her life to help her get through all of this.

Today was just a day I realized that I have GREAT friends and a GREAT son. Dont get me wrong I know this is all fact and I am very thankful for those in my life but on days like today it is just extra special to know that no matter what the world throws at you, you are never alone and those closest to you are going to be there for you in ways you didnt expect. My little man has always been a blessing and I always just hoped that I would raise him to be a wonderful young man and though I know hes a great kid today he showed me he IS turning into that man more and more day after day.

So now you tell me who are you thankful for in your life and what was one of 'those moments' that made you see how thankful you are for what you have?



  1. WOW what a great post and he sounds fantastic
    you must have done something right ;)
    i am sure your friend was glad to know you were there too.

    I wont go into detail but I recently just had one of those mini melt downs we have where you just collapse sobbing saying i cant do it anymore. Of course since i hate to admit THAT, its always such a shock when i feel that way and i swear i could just roll up in a fetal position and stay there. I was amazed and grateful by the way my family and friends (online also!) all rallied around me. They took care of cause of my stress, they assured me it was crazy to feel badly about not being superwoman and they coddled and pampered me until i felt my old self again.(it only took a day lol)but they empowered me and reassured me i was doing the right thing. I am grateful for such a support system.

  2. Thank you for your story. I have those moments from time to time and like you its a HUGE UPSET to admit when I feel 'broken'. Its always great to know you have your friends around to rally and support you when you need them most.


  3. lol i know what you mean i imagine you are like me and perceived as the strong woman who takes on the world. I am sure when we break down you get that look like i do it must be like a rock suddenly starts bleeding. They always look so shocked! But it is so nice to know there are those around you to support you if we do have a few cracks in our exterior ;)