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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reality TV

Yep I admit it to all of you right here and now... I am a reality TV JUNKIE!

Now I dont get into the Bachelor or even American Idol (unless its the very beginning where all the crazies come out thinking they are the next Whitney Houston) I mean the Reality TV on MTV, VH1 those sorts of shows... Just a small list of what I watch and dont like to admit to include

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and The Icky Twins
The Real Housewives of Orange County, Atlanta any of them really
Real World
The RW/RR challenges
Brett Michaels needs love
Flava Flav needs love
Charm School
The 2 Coreys
The Hills
The City
and so many more that I cant think of right now

Not only do I watch these shows, some of them more religiously than others, I actually get into the mode of thinking I KNOW these ppl and I talk to them through my tv when they do and say stupid things! I know insane right?

I have a love hate relationship with my feelings for these shows but I work from home and cant work in silence so I have the tv on while I work and I just get SUCKED IN...

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila...
Not a fan of her. Checked her out on myspace and think shes just an internet hooker but I couldnt stop watching the foolishness that was her show for not one season but TWO!

Shot at Love with the Icky Twins...
Basically now since Tila wont do a 3rd season after failing to find love the first two times, they now have a set of hot twins looking for love and guess what? They are both bi... So meet a handful of men and a handful of women to play with, kiss, cuddle and have a good time with from one twin to the other to see who each of the girls falls in love with and in the end hope the 'chosen ones' pick them as well... The final episode was tonight and *shudder* they both pick the same guy! Of course he picks one over the other etc etc but my question is how do you date a guy that you know had his tongue down your sisters throat the last time you saw him? I mean really what genious thought this show was good for the emotional well being of these women and how long is the love going to last?

The Real Housewives of whereever...
If they are going to do a show about the REAL HOUSEWIVES why dont they pick a location where all the women WORK in REAL jobs and have REAL issues? I mean seriously this isnt REAL and doesnt portray America well at all!

Brett Michaels, Flava Flav and any other washed up celeb looking for love...
Seriously guys these women arent here to find love they are there to get their mug on tv and the making out with you is just the price they pay for it. I mean really who in their right mind would fall in love with Flav? He has like 80 kids and wheres a clock around his neck and thinks its fashionable! Yall are washed up move on and look for love closer to home or get used to nights alone because honestly you look foolish especially when you are on the 3rd and 4th installments of your 'lookin for love' extravaganza.

The Two Coreys...
Could Coery Haim be a bigger mess? I mean really I tried to like him I tried to want him and Corey Feldman to make a come back but dude the 'whoa is me' crap and the feel sorry for me for what happened to me when I was young doesnt give you free reign to be a jerk to those that are trying to be there for you NOW! Let go of the past, stop lieing to everyone including yourself, stop with the drugs and things would be MUCH better for you!

The Hills...
First I was a Laguna fan but thats gone and not sure I could love it without the whole Kristin/Stephen/Lauren triangle but the Hills now that is some great tv lol Just going to say Spencer you are a JERK in the worst way and good job making Heidi leave all her friends for your sorry lazy self! I cant wait for another season of this one.

The City...
That Olivia chic is a raging snot but I guess that is what happens in NY right? I hope Whitneys show takes off but the sooner she gets rid of Jay the happier I will be. Whit has always been in my eyes a strong woman and after helping Lauren through all her boy problems over the years you would think she could spot a snake a mile away. Dont trust Jay at all not sure what it is but I know Im right.

I only was watching this cuz Brody is hot and there isnt much else on at the time but I missed it so not sure where it sits. I think its HILARIOUS what these men will do to be buddies with someone else they know nothing about but good goin Brody and Frankie and keep on doin what you do.

RW/RR Challenges...
I want the old school competitors back! I want it to be men vs women and I want the womens team to be STACKED! I want Ruthie, Rachel, Coral, Julie,Veronica and KATIE back and in ACTION and I dont want to see anymore of Diem, CT, Kenny, oh and the blonde kid that is Kennys side kick (I cant remember his name right now)(Oh its Evan ~ thanks for regaining my memore) I want more drama and less stupidity! BRING ON THE CHALLENGES and make them an HOUR not 30 minutes!

Like I said am sure there are more than this but you tell me do you watch any of these shows? What are your opinions and what do you watch when you want to feel a bit better about yourself?



  1. You definitely are a junkie for those shows. LOL I can't stand reality tv. I'm never good tv company for you.

  2. no no no you are not and it drives me CRAZY but at least we find other ways to amuse ourselves

  3. I tagged you for Bag Tag. Should be fun as I'm sure you have a cute purse. ;)
    Click HERE

  4. I do watch Rock of Love, and I watched Flavor of Love, I second the whole Flav comment, who the HELL could love that fool? Hes not very attractive at all LOL..I know I am so mean!

  5. OH and I also watch I love Money, True Beauty, just too many to name. Im so addicted to reality TV!